Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A history of the Christmas Tree in the US of A!

The tree pictured is the tree my mom and dad carefully decorate every year and one that the family loves to see and enjoy!

History of the Christmas Tree - How did the tree come to the U.S.A.?
The history of the Christmas tree in the United States dates back to the time of George Washington and his defeat of the German Hessians in the year 1776. The Hessians were exuberant because they felt they held a winning hand in the war against George Washington and his troops. The war was during the Christmas season, which for the Germans was a time for food, songs, and decorated trees. In their busy efforts to celebrate the season, they paid little attention to their military duties. Therefore, the German Hessians became easy prey for Mr. Washington. His troops were able to sneak in and defeat the foe who was ill-prepared for the onslaught.

After the war in 1776, many Germans stayed in the United States, introduced the Christmas tree, and shared their traditions. The size of the tree was limited to 8 feet, and decorations consisted of dolls, as well as sugar items.

As the years went by, the United States realized the need for a Christmas tree market. The first supplier, by the name of Mark Carr from the Catskill Mountains in New York, took it upon himself to cut down fir and spruce trees that grew in abundance. He then transported them to New York City where he rented space for $1.00, and sold small trees for .05 to .10 cents and 8 to 10 feet trees for .25 cents. He continued the business until the year 1898.

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  1. Very interesting! Thank for sharing!

  2. Boy now your mom and dad knew how to decorate a tree. It is beautiful! You can't buy a tree for a quarter today! These times they are a changin'. Thanks for a nice post on Christmas trees:) I didn't know they were introduced to us by the Germans.

  3. What a lovely story. I get great pleasure from decorating my tree. The tree always has a special place and meaning.